Thai Massage therapy manipulates the muscles to enable them to release and let go of tension and stress.


We provide some of the best Thai massage therapists in the world for massaging work with passion.


Serenity therapeutic Thai massage relieves pain & improves recovery time of a calm & peaceful massage treatment.

Massage Booking BKK Prices

Thai Massage (泰式按摩)

90 分钟 minutes / 900 泰铢 THB
120 分钟 minutes / 1,100 泰铢 THB
180 分钟 minutes / 1,500 泰铢 THB

Oil Massage (泰式精油按摩)

90 分钟 minutes / 1,000 泰铢 THB
120 分钟 minutes / 1,200 泰铢 THB
180 分钟 minutes / 1,600 泰铢 THB

Aroma Oil Massage (泰式香薰精油按摩)

90 分钟 minutes / 1,400 泰铢 THB
120 分钟 minutes / 1,700 泰铢 THB
180 分钟 minutes / 2,300 泰铢 THB

Foot Massage

60 分钟 minutes / 800 泰铢 THB

We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Please allow 1 hour travelling time from time of booking.

Monday – Sunday

12.00 AM – 11.59 PM


Outcall Massage

We provide our services in the comfort and safety of your hotel room or at home. Our highly trained therapist will pamper and bring you to a state of complete relaxation without you even having to leave your doorstep. Our team of therapist are available 24/7, ready to service customers especially after a hard day’s work or whenever you just want to be pampered.